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Freddie Mac Loan Lookup Modification Tool

Freddie Mac is the largest buyer of mortgage loans from lenders who lend loans to the borrower. Thy do not directly lend money to the borrower, as they operate only in the secondary mortgage market. Loan origination is done by the lenders in the primary market. After the loan has been originated by the lending organization, Freddie Mac then pitches in and buys the mortgage loans from these Lenders and operate these mortgage loan securities in the securities trading place. Freddie Mac usually gets a guarantee fee from the lenders. This will protect Freddie Mac, in case the borrower defaults in loan repayment.

Borrowers who have purchased the mortgage loans from the lenders can get to know whether their mortgage loan has been actually bought over by Freddie Mac by going to a Freddie Mac Loan Lookup portal The users will find a look up option in the home page of this portal. Using this self service look up option, the customers can find out whether their loan has been purchased by Freddie Mac. In this self service look up, the customer has to provide personal information and also the first 4 digits of the SSN. If you loan is owned by Freddie Mac, you may qualify for a loan modification to get better refinance rates and terms form your lender.

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