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HCG Diet Drops is the website for the HG diet drops. HCG resets your hypothalamus and you can just place the drop under your tongue versus getting daily injections. YourHCG claims to be just as effective as injections offered by doctors for more than $700+. By introducing HCG into your system, it changes your eating habits and behavior. In combination with a low calorie diet that is starch free, you an effectively lose weight with as much as 1-2 pounds per day. also claims that since it is a natural hormone/protein that assist in burning off excess fat, it is safe and effective. Furthermore, you can get all the nutrition that you need. offers a 30 day guarantee and a 15 day program with an average weight loss of 20+ pounds will cost you $69. For a 30 day program, you pay $119. For more information on HCG drops and diet, find out how to get HCG at

Leave your reviews, complaints and discuss danger of HCG diet drops and any side effects associated with it. Let our readers know how the HCG diet recipes and menu are working for you. Also, compare against other weight loss program such as and 
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