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Florida Toll By Plate Invoice is the website where you can pay tolls owe to FDOT. Electronic Toll Collection or ETC, electronically debits the accounts of registered car owners for collecting tolls and allowing you to pass through toll roads without stopping, thereby saving commuter's time. Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) uses Toll-By-Plate, one such electronic toll collection system, which takes a photograph of your vehicle’s license plate and sends you an invoice, over mail, for the total toll amount and administrative fee of $2.50. is the site through which you can pay your Toll-By-Plate dues, online, by entering the ‘Invoice Id’ and your ‘Account Number’. If any toll amount is due, you can pay the ‘Unpaid Toll Violation’ through this site by entering the ‘Document Id’ and ‘License Plate’ and can even use these to pay for ‘Uniform Traffic Citation, if you had received one. However, if you want to pay any/all of these in cash, you can click the link in this site to find out a location for this, which is convenient and easily accessible to you. Here, you will also know that you can pay to FDOT for all these charges and dues because of Toll-By-Plate, from your mobile phone.

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