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Join GotoMeeting Download is the website where With organizations trying to cut down on unnecessary expenses, one area that they are targeting to bring down the expense is the travelling expenses incurred on sending their employees to attend important meetings. With the advance of internet technologies and the rising popularity of internet as a powerful communication medium, organizations have decided to tap in to the resources provided by the internet. There are a lot of online meeting tools that are available for the employees to join the meetings and the presentations. One such powerful online meeting tool is Citrix online at GotoMeeting.

For joining the Citrix Online meeting, the user has to follow the url User who are attending the conference or training or webinar have to provide the meeting id or the webinar id or the training id to join the event. If this is the first time, you will need to download the software to your desktop. After downloading the software, double click on the downloaded software to install. This option is available after you enter in your meeting ID. 

In the landing page of this site, the user have to provide the meeting id in the "Join the meeting section". Similarly for joining the webinar and training, the users need to click the link "" and "".

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